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The Hazards of Sewage Backup

A sewage backup will commonly present a serious health hazard mainly caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites. Sewage backup is dangerous due to the many ways it transmits diseases and because it is sometimes hard to predict.

What is Sewage?

Sewage backup hazards are better understood once you learn what, in fact, sewage is; or as it also called raw sewage, sewage sludge, or septic tank waste.

Raw sewage is mainly gray or black water. It usually contains the organic waste and wastewater produced by household and industrial sources. Sewage typically contains everything from soap to solid waste, human excrement, industrial effluent, and debris. It is discharged by drains and sewer lines.

Excrement is the major source of harmful microorganisms such as coliform, fecal coliform, Escherichia coliform (E. coli), and Enterococcus.

Exposure to sewage or its products may result in a number of diseases:

An inflammation of the stomach and the intestine. Gastroenteritis may result in diarrhea with vomiting and cramps when irritation is excessive. When caused by an infectious agent, it is often associated with fever.

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis caused by a virus is known as viral hepatitis. When Hepatitis is a result of sewage backup it is often characterized by inflammation of the liver and jaundice.

Occupational Asthma
A respiratory disorder characterized by attacks of breathlessness, chest tightness and wheezing.

Weil's Disease
An acute feverish disease marked by gastroenteritis, mild jaundice, persistent and severe headache.

Allergic Alveolitis
Inflammation of the alveoli in the lungs. It is rarely reported with relation to sewage backup. However, when reported it is characterized by fever, breathlessness, dry cough, and aching muscles and joints.

Additional health risks:

  • Fatal damage to liver, kidneys and blood
  • Infection of skin or eyes

Disease Transmission

There are 3 common transmission ways for microorganisms to enter a human body:

  1. Hand-to-Mouth Contact
    This is the most common transmission way and it occurs during eating, drinking and smoking. Hand-to-mouth contact also happens while wiping the face with contaminated hands or gloves, or by licking splashes from the skin.
  2. Skin Contact Skin contact with contaminated organisms is often possible through cuts, scratches, or penetrating wounds. Certain organisms can enter the body through the surfaces of the eyes, nose and mouth.
  3. Inhalation Contaminated organisms may penetrate the body simply as we breathe aerosolized particles or contaminated dust.

Los Angeles Drain Cleaning Services

Do you have a clogged sink and after all your efforts and money and the problem still persist then the best thing to do is to hire a drain cleanings services. As you know, this kind of services is intended for all kinds of water fixtures and sinks. It is also essential when the pipes get blocked with stuffs, which is common for kitchens and bathrooms.

In case of your kitchen, perhaps you already have an idea on what will probably get stuck with your kitchen pipe. Things such as grease, food particles and others can surely cause your pipe to be clogged. As a result, it is not anymore possible for you to use the pipes and can cause a serious problem.

This is just a normal thing and it can occur any time. Even though, it can be just fixed without the assistance of a piper. There are some times wherein the problem is worst and cannot be fixed anymore. This is when you need the assistance of a drain cleaning services that can surely fix the clog. If you live in Los Angeles you need to look for the best provider that can offer you great services. An effective Los Angeles drain cleaning will even unblock clogs that may occur according to your toilet, washing machine and garbage disposal. There are actually various methods that are done to accomplish this imperative task which is successful. Drain blockage opening is also an imperative service that drain cleaning company can provide.

These companies can even offer 24 hours drain cleaning services as well. In case there’s a blockage into your toilet, wherein the water does not successful go down. Then it requires an emergency drain services especially if it happens at the middle of the night. Additionally, they can provide drain repair for residential and commercial establishments.  

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As a matter of fact, some business offers not just drain cleaning services but also for plumbing problems. They can typically handle any task that is related to plumbing. There are even some companies that offer installation services. In case you need to install your faucet or some problems with your piping system that you may need to get their services as well.

They can also provide pump and water heater services. There are some companies that can replace the sump pumps as well. When individuals does have problem with their water pump or heater then you can contact these companies as well.

Rush Plumbing is the leading company on Los Angeles that offers services for plumbing and draining. As you know it does not just offer repair services but they can also provide ways on how to prevent clogging of the pipes and sewer. This is very important because not fixing your plumbing and draining system can surely cause a lot amount of money. Rush plumbing has some of the most expert and certified plumbers that can provide good services.


Los Angeles Plumbing Services

In every house, it is expected to have some type of indoor plumbing from bathroom, shower room to the sink. This is the reason why plumbing installation is very imperative to make this possible. On the other hand, if you live in Los Angeles, it can be a challenge to find Los Angeles plumbers. When looking for plumbers, it would be best to choose the one that is skill, trustworthy and affordable. Since there are a lot of plumbers in Los Angeles, it is not easy to find the right one. Plumbing is a complicated task that is not an easy endeavor, so you need to look for the best one that offers good service.

When looking for the best plumbing service, it is very imperative if you can able to hire a licensed plumber. Even though, it is not needed in some states to have one to be certified plumber, it may still be best to select the one that is licensed. This will assure you that they have the best services, which you will need to keep and maintain your plumbing system. Although some simple plumbing repair and service only require less job can be handled individuals who are not licensed.

Most of the times, you can look for plumbing services to perform essential jobs such as installing plumbing fixtures and unclogging drains. If the job is just simple well you can always do it yourself especially if the problem needs a major intervention.

When looking for Los Angeles plumbing repair, it is very essential to remember that you need to find the one with a good reputation. This can be determined by assessing the company’s name in the industry. Perhaps you can ask a friend or neighbor if you are looking for plumbing services especially if it is for your residential plumbing needs.

If you own a certain building or commercial establishment then you need to look for a Los Angeles plumbing services that offer commercial plumbing. In case of this job you really need to find the one that is proficient or proficient in terms of providing plumbing for commercial areas.

Looking for the best plumbing services of residential or commercial plumbing services? Rush Plumbing is the right choice. As you know this company does not just offers simple services, it can provide services such as bathtubs and shower, drain pipes, faucets, drains, sinks, water heaters, tankless water heaters, water softeners, pipe repair and replacement, sewer lines and even toilets.

Aside from the plumbing related services they can also offer dishwasher installer, garbage disposal, trenchless pipe repair, preventative maintenance inspection and video and leak detection. These are very essential because you can assure that your plumbing system is working perfectly. The best thing about these plumbing services is they are not just available during office hours but they can provide plumbing services 24 hours a day. Meaning, if your pipes got some problem during late, then they can always be there on call.

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